Best Careers that Pay Over $105k With No Degree

Have you ever been told that you had to get a college degree to make good money? Did you miss the chance to go to college by life's happenings? Good news, there are careers that require no college degree with the potential to make up to $105,000 per year. Yes, you can make a good living with no degree! Within this site, you'll find over 50 careers that require no college degree.

Top Questions & Answers

Can I Really Get a Job With No Degree? Statistics show, there are many well-paying careers that are available that require no college degree.

Do I Need to Have Experience or Training? Some careers might require training or experience. On-the-job training is many times an option.

Do I Need a Professional License? Some careers might require a license. Real estate brokers, electricians and appraisers are just a few examples. Each state has their own requirements.

What is an Apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is on-the-job training combined with classroom instruction for skilled professions. The apprenticeship is paid while learning their trade or profession. Apprenticeships are offered through employers. Some apprenticeships last up to four years. A certificate is generally issued after completion of an apprenticeship.

Are you ready to learn more about how to become an appraiser, or how to become a real estate broker, or how to become a fire inspector, or how to become a police officer or how to become a loan officer? There are over 50 careers to explore!

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